Sunday, May 15, 2011

The POW Diary of John Teune: August 29, 1944

The Teune brothers in their Army Air Corps uniforms. John is second from right.

August 29, 1944

Up at 6:30 and made our own oatmeal and ate it in the cafe. The Romanians say they use that oatmeal for the horses. Listened to news. Took a walk downstream to get away from the stench and the dust. Returned to have dinner, later had ice cream and pastry. People are returning to Bucharest. We may leave soon. Noted today the many big wild-looking dogs roaming about, running in packs over the plains. Also noted the way cattle and ducks run around loose in the streets without identification. Slept some this noon, when the bugs are also asleep. Heard tonight that we are to leave for Bucharest tomorrow at 7 a.m. Major came in from Bucharest with the news. Bed at 10:30.

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