Sunday, May 15, 2011

The POW Diary of John Teune: August 30, 1944 Part One: The Scars of Battle

The Teune brothers in their Army Air Corps uniforms. John is second from right.

August 30, 1944

Ready to leave at 7 a.m. but then the Romanians had tire trouble and we finallly left at 9:30 Bucharest is 110 kilometers from Pietrosita and gravel road most of the way. We stopped several times along the route; many refugees were returning. The country became flat and hot, many praries, oil wells and small refineries which had been bombed. Saw many German mechanized vehicles. Coming closer to Bucharest we saw the scars of battle and our bombing. Entering the city from the north we saw what our bombing had done, also what the Germans had one in two days which was supposed to be more destructive than ours in all our raids. Houses were level, laid flat, very much deserted. To the south the damage was much less. We saw workers digging in the ruins which the Germans had caused just two days before. Bucharest is a more modern city than Hadnes but is much older and dirtier than our cities.

We went completely through the city until we were again in the country and then entered our camp. It was a great moment when we saw our flag flying. The prisoners here had arrived two days previous. They had gone thru all the bombings of our raids and also the German raids. Many down bombs hit all about them, but miraculously no one was killed. The British gave them the worst scares. They had moved outside the city while the Germans were still present and just in time, too, for the Germans had bombed one of the buildings they just vacated. Some boys stayed in town and two were killed by a German machine gun and one by bombing.

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