Sunday, May 1, 2011

The POW Diary of John Teune: Crash Over Romania, Part Three of Three

The Teune brothers in their Army Air Corps uniforms. John is second from right.

Soon the ground loomed up. The closer to earth I fell, the faster it seemed to meet me, too fast for safety. I hit, and because of ground wind which drifted me, I rolled. The people who awaited me jumped the parachute and took it off after a little direction. I was in severe pain and thought someone was trying to give me first aid but instead my watch was stolen. I thought its removal was necessary but when they attempted to take my ring I knew better. From what I learned later from the Romanians who helped me, German soldiers got to me first and took the parachute and the watch. Romanian soldiers were unarmed and could not stop them. A Romanian officer came and supposedly took me from the Germans. A few minutes later I saw a wing and part of the fuselage of a plane come down several yards away. Water was brought to me by some peasants who I found out like watches very much. I was offered cigarettes and asked if I had any weapons such as the Romanian officer brandished all this while. I don't know how long I lay there in the field which was near the village of Stresnik.

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